dimanche 19 mars 2017

WW2 artworks

Artworks for the DMC (Dead Man's Corner) museum/publisher 

                                             PROJECT DONE!

The story of those men is told in depth in the book "the night of liberation" (author Gilles Vallée/ Heimdal publisher).
L'histoire de ces hommes est racontée en détail dans le livre "la nuit de la liberté" (Auteur Gilles Vallée/ Edition Heimdal).

Calandrella running through the enemy lines

What happened to Atlee on June, 6th 1944 (D'Day)...

Atlee died on DDay.

Focusing back to Calandrella heading his way across the Normandy countryside...

Calandrella was taken prisoner.

DDay, Colonel Wolverton hanging down from an apple tree at "Saint Côme du Mont" (Normandy). He was shot by the germans during the jump.

DDay, air-dropping over the Normandy.

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